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Are you ready for total KaOS?

      Another relatively unknown distro I recently came across is KaOS. In 2013 KaOS was created as an independent OS. It is based on the Linux kernel, although the makers still look at Opensolaris as an alternative base. … Continue reading

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It’s elementary OS, Watson…..

I have picked up a new hobby: Checking out less popular distributions to see what they add to the Linux landscape. I discovered elementary OS earlier this week and decided to give it a try after seeing the trailer of their newest … Continue reading

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A quick look at Manjaro: bringing Archlinux to the people?

After writing a post about Archlinux removing the installer I promised I would take a look at one of the Archlinux derived distributions, to see if they would make Archlinux available for a larger public. A name mentioned often on … Continue reading

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Sozi – a different approach for creating slideshows

While I was playing with the new SolusOS 2 alpha release I stumbled across a great extention for Inkscape, called Sozi. You can use it to create fantastic presentations or slideshows, but in a completely different way. With Sozi you … Continue reading

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Why Linux will never rule on the desktop

A good IRC-friend of mine recently announced he had decided to start using Windows on his desktop again, after being a Linux fan since the early nineties. The reason for this is that Linux does not give him what he … Continue reading

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